Five unique Snapchat accounts were offered for sale. Collectors purchased the accounts with usernames such as “meegaasaatchii”, “borghese2k” and “esslectic” as encrypted hardcopy certificates and have since then been sent artworks, which are available to view for 10 seconds, via the app. The collectors are free to save, re-distribute and re-sell these digital ephemeral works based on the terms agreed in the certificate.

Snapchat painting screenshots printed on Fine Art Cotton Rag, silicone mounted behind Flabeg museum grade glass, mounted in Guggenheim frames (59,4 x 33,1cm)
Account Ownership and Artwork Subscription Certificate, printed on archival cotton paper with UV ink, security patterns, unique holographic document seals (30x21cm)
BIG DADA (Inkjet on paper, framed, 104x73cm)